Advice Team

Housing Advice

We can provide housing advice and casework to Tower Hamlets residents.

We help with a wide range of issues, including:

    All Allocation Matters

    Complaints regarding the allocation register

    Homelessness or Threat of Homelessness

    Advice eligibility of homeless
    Legal rights
    Assistance with securing provision of accommodation

    We can also help with the following housing-related issues:

      Suitability of temporary accommodation

      Rent Arrears and Eviction/ Repossession


      Succession of tenancy

      Tenancy rights for both social and private tenants

      Please note:-

      1. We do not hold a Legal Aid contract, and if your issues and circumstances are in scope for Legal Aid we may refer you to a solicitor for further assistance.
      2. We do not advise landlords.

      Need some advice on housing?